TEYLA is a high-end active wear brand founded by two west Africans based in Montreal, Canada.


This the story of 2 friends, Lola & Kanyi, sharing the same love for their African roots, beautiful clothes and healthy lifestyle.

All started with Kanyi, calling Lola to discuss the idea of creating a clothing line of high-performance training gear with a connection to their African roots.
This call was so productive that they decided to put their skills together to create workout clothes that would not only provides you comfort and support, but also connects you to your inner voice to keep you confident and motivated.

The name "TEYLA" actually came from the way cloth designer are called in some West Africans' countries: "Tailor". Saying it with the accent gives you "TEYLA" :)


We wanted to create high-end active wear that would have a connection with our roots. The choices of the print and design mean something and if you want to learn more about this, please have a look to this blog post.

We believe that your outer style helps you to connect with who you truly are inside. Once connected, you can learn, push your limit and start growing. We want to inspire you to elevate your level of health and reach your full potential.

We want to be more than just another active wear brand. We want you to feel unique while living this healthy lifestyle.


Lola & Kanyi were both born in west Africa. They met in Montreal were their passion for visual arts reunited them.