Launch event!

Launch event!

On October 6th we had our launch event in Montreal.This was the opportunity for us to meet some of our Montreal Tribe member and to connect to everyone who feels close to our values.

Our invitees had the opportunity see how great our collection look in real life ;­) but not only. We had the pleasure to have Grace Dean, a certified Yoga instructor from the Westmount area, who gave a one hour yoga class to the attendees. She helped them to connected to their inner­-self and and walk way all relaxed and zen.

There was also somme appetizers and refreshments so anybody who needed to be energized had the opportunity to eat and drink.

We also offer some professional photos to our clients who bought a set during our event so they can leave with this moment caught on camera.

Have a look to the images to feel the energy that was there!Hope to see you at the next meet­up!

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